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By David Grady

In a bit of a hurry? Here’s a handy infographic with everything you need.

You may already have the usual travel apps on your phone — on-demand car services, currency converters, expense report trackers — but business travel doesn’t have to be all about business. Here are some other useful apps you should have for business travel to ensure a memorable and enriching journey.

Get energised:

  • White Noise
    Business travel demands you arrive ready for action, but I sometimes struggle to get a good night’s sleep when traveling for work. If you’re like me, try White Noise. It fills your head with ambient sounds, pushing out the work-related thoughts that keep you awake at night. Zzzzz…
  • Rainfrog’s Pocket Yoga
    Not enough time to get your blood flowing at the hotel fitness center? Rainfrog’s Pocket Yoga helps you stretch out in the privacy of your hotel room. It’s perfect after a day of sitting in meetings.
  • Headspace
    This app will help you relax and regain a sense of mindfulness by introducing you to the world of meditation – just what you need to ward off the jet lag.

Get inspired:

  • Brainsparker
    After a long day in an airplane or a conference room, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. Brainsparker offers online mental exercises to get those tired brain cells firing so you can tackle business challenges from a new, creative perspective.
  • Night Sky Light
    Stargazing in a far-away city will change your perspective on everything. Try Night Sky Light; it lets you point your phone skyward to see which planets and constellations are floating around the unfamiliar sky above.
  • Museums of the World by Semantika
    This app provides comprehensive information about museums and galleries, large and small, all over the world. Use it to plan an inspirational field trip during your next business trip.

Get social:

  • Meetup
    Looking to make new connections? Try the Meetup app to find a group of like-minded people sharing a nearby activity, like a televised football match in a local pub. With 32 million members, Meetup is available in more than 180 countries — meaning you’ll always be in a good company on the road.

With this list, now you can hit the road with a pocketful of any of the zillion iPhone and Android apps that can help to make business travel more productive.

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